Of Ghosts and Other Forms

Kat Bands

Of Ghosts and Other Forms’ sound artfully melds electronic and organic sounds – putting flutes through vocoders, looping emotive four-part harmonies with euphoric house beats, and blending operatic vocals with techno. “There is a beautiful musicality in this electronic disassembly”. This is the electronica sound of the London warehouse scene. Recently featured twice by BBC Introducing, they are inspired by a collective love of Bonobo, Kiasmos, and Bicep, and by their collaborations with producers Nuage and DYVR. They accidentally became a band, meeting through the East London warehouse scene and Birmingham gigs where they played together at after-parties and jam seshes. Initially only an experiment, the combination of sounds and styles worked a little too well, and in Jan 2020 they began writing songs, unaware that the world was about to pull them apart. Despite the isolation of 2020, music kept them together; it was their salvation as the world crumbled. They release in December 2021 “In Your Skin”, a four-song debut EP that tells their story of resilience in times of isolation, and the tangled beauty tied up in (lost) love. Through their songs, Of Ghosts and Other Forms gently celebrate openness and acceptance of people in all their different shapes and relationships. Of Ghosts and Other Forms have recorded their EP through a patchwork of remote and home studio sessions, at their warehouses in London, on a boat travelling through London’s canals, and from a flat in Toulouse. Undeterred by isolation, they found some rather nerdy tech solutions through home recording, sharing screens over video calls, and drilling through walls to connect their home studios together.

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