Octopus Odyssey

Kat Bands

Charismatic and extravagant performer with a taste for surreal, grotesque and dark dreams.

This show consists of developing all the layers of the art of collage and is performed through the art of fooling, to the scenography by animating handmade paper collages and to the audio by creating surreal soundscapes. This show combines these 3 levels to create a unique and unforgettable experience. Octopus Odyssey is played by the character Kapusta Bublik, an imaginary soldier with an eternal hunger. Hunger for food, for life, for dreams. The pressing of the mother hunger brings Kapusta in a psychotic world where there are no limits… the pet is in danger and even the own body is at risk to be eaten in moment of despair. Big themes like Aspiration, Diet and Taboos are touched with the ease and tack of the physical theatre and comedy tools. It is a true emotional journey for both performer and audience.

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