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“…a no-brainer for a stay-cation with an awesome twist…”

“…Green Gathering wins top 2017 UK Festival Award…”

“…people were so respectful of the land…”


“…refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to change the world…”


“…vegan Indian food, vegan breakfast and vegan ice creams…”


“…a feeling of communal kinship…”


“…one of the most interesting festival experiences to be had…”


“…lovely festival where people participate, not just get entertained…”

FRIENDS of the EARTH 2016

“…a place to feed your soul and colour your imagination…”


“…an inspiring modern festival with a refreshing old school edge…”


“…a festival rich with history…”


“…one of only a few genuinely uncommercial festivals…”

 – eFESTIVALS interview 2015

“…chance to wear wellies, relax, dance, share skills and be inspired…”


Happy Customers

The Green Gathering represents an island of sanity, magic and hope in a world gone stale and bad with greed and disconnection. It is essential. Thank you for what you do.

True relaxation and freedom from the stresses of modern living. I learnt new things, met amazing people, enjoyed inspiring music and felt recharged and ready to take on anything again when I got home.

This was my first GG and without a doubt the best festival I’ve ever been to. I’ve never come away from any other festi feeling quite as inspired and so full of hope for the future as I did from this one. I learnt so much and met so many wonderful people.

Amazing! First time here. All of us (2 adults, one 5 year old) loved it. Great people, tasty food, thought provoking discussions, local beer, kid friendly, hot showers, brilliant recycling… I could go on!

Absolutely loved it, just the right size, very relaxed, great bands, solar disco was fab, i felt happy and free, very reasonably priced and nice food and drink, fantastic venue, so spacious.  Brilliant.

2016 was the best GG yet. I have been so chilled and laid back, and happy with life since I got back. It was a true joy to be part of, and made me feel as though ‘it is ok to be me’.

We’ve been gigging at festivals for 25 years – this is the first time we’ve felt like staying because everyone is happy and having a good time. It feels like a what a festival is supposed to be. Excellent!

We had such a fantastic time, and even a month later we’re still experiencing the festival’s positive impact on our lives.

We came to our first Green Gathering with our family and we had such a great time its made me write to you! Great facilities, toilets were clean and well kept, kids area was well staffed and plenty to do, food stalls were very good, face painting was excellent and hot showers fantastic. We hope to be back again and again!

Well thought out and organised workshops and skills activities. Excellent health+safety, security were invisible! Simply THE BEST festival for wheelchair access and Disabled people in general. Excellent value for money, fabulous views of Estuary, best real ginger+rum on the festival circuit.

Fun days and nights filled with great music, very tasty food, fab drinks and so many beautiful people, everyone is so friendly and happy. Wanted to stay for ever!!

I arrived thinking I’d probably leave after a day or two.  I stayed to the end and when I left I was both gloriously happy & fulfilled, and also sad that it was all over.

Eye opening, beautiful, togetherness! I love the vibe, as a newbie who discovered the festival by accident I didn’t know what to expect but it was perfect, chilled and insightful – a perfect weekend away from the confines of our current society.

Amazing!! Easily my most enjoyable, relaxing and fun weekend of 2016. Fantastic music and something for everyone.

WONDERFUL! I absolutely loved it and have daydreamed about it ever since.  The atmosphere, cleanliness, fascinating people and beautiful site were all perfect.

This was my first ever festival, I was so nervous because my expectations were very high and it completely lived up to my expectations, in fact it blew my expectations right out of the water! It was soul enriching to be around so many people with the same ideal and ethics as myself. The entertainment was top class, the food restaurant quality and reasonable and the atmosphere was electric. I came away rejuvenated and armed with more information to help spread the message (and also a vegan)!!

Such a great weekend, perfect for kids and adults alike with a real feeling of being safe and included. Second year of coming and honestly the best festival I have ever been too.