NATURE’S WAY leads you through creative and soulful experiences between our stone circle and woodland glade…

Discover the Voices of Gaia talk space with its programme of earthy and esoteric subjects – from the magic and medicine of herbs to Welsh mythology.

Explore immersive art; look out for Shrines to the Liminal (Rost Productions) – a trail of nature shrines that you can add to, culminating in a pilgrims rest space under the great oak. Also daily expeditions of cycle-powered structures, giant puppets and other extraordinary walkabout performance.

Have a chat with the cheeky Seed Sistas and chant with the Hare Krishna community.

Venture into the trees to discover Urban Furniture Perspective and their Enchanted Garden, then dive into the Permaculture Woods to discover a whole community dedicated to earth care, people care and fair shares.


Tickets to The Green Gathering | 4 – 7 August 2022