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Electro art-pop for weirdos: for fans of Bowie and St Vincent.

Hailed as “two supernovas smashing into each other,” MADITRONIQUE takes what she wants from alt-pop and indietronica, and fuses them with her frontwoman charm. Expect powerhouse vocals, a theatrical show, and songs that are both weird AF and stay in your head for days. MADITRONIQUE is the moniker of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Maddie Jones. Inspired by artists including Bowie, St Vincent, and Kimbra. A world of art pop with a rock sensibility, live shows are theatrical, videos are abstract, and costumes are colourful and futuristic. With a dedication to the DIY, and a tribe of collaborators, MADITRONIQUE self-produces her own shows and videos, and releases content on Youtube. As a direct result of the COVID pandemic, and being cut off from band members, she has redesigned her setup using Ableton, including keyboards, samplers, vocal effects and lighting. “Welsh wonder MADI has continued to develop her piledriving brand of quirky electronica and mad visuals… a mature, progressive piece of work with shades of Kate Bush building to an epic blast of searing vocals, pounding beats and fierce guitar work.”

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