An excellent opportunity to learn some Welsh!

Here are some handy festival phrases, get some practise in now and wow the locals in August.

(To help you out, the pronunciation is in brackets underneath)

Try them with a friend – laughter breaks are recommended!

Helo!   Hello!


Ga’ i peint o seidar plîs? Can I have a pint of cider, please?

(Gar-yee paint aw say-der-rr please?)

Ga’ i fenthyg dy ordd plîs? Can I borrow your mallet please?

(Gar-yee venn-thick der oar-th please?)

Ble mae’r…..   Where’s the…

(Blair mire…..

….toiledau? toilets?


….bar? bar…easy one!


….cymorth cyntaf?  first aid?

(cur-more-th  kern-tav)

…tap dŵr? water tap?

(tap do-wer)

Mae’r band yma’n grêt! This band’s great!

(Mire band er-mar’n gr-air-t)

Dwi wedi blino I’m tired

(Do-wee weddy blee-naw)

Nôs da Good night

(Norse dar)

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