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Jordan has been playing and creating music for the past 15 years. From humble beginnings after stumbling across a beat up classical guitar in an abandoned caravan in Spain, he made his musical debut in London based post hardcore band Dante’s Poem.

Leaving the world of metal behind he began to busk songs by classic songwriters such as Dylan, Lennon and Van Morrison, whilst living in Manchester. He found his voice busking through the winter of 2011 and began writing his first original songs, one of which would eventually find its way to his debut album ‘The Boy and the Mountain’.

During his time in Manchester he briefly co-fronted his second band The Supersonics, ending in the climatic loss of a close friend he put music behind him for 2 years and began a career in countryside management.
Following this period he moved to his spiritual home of The Lake District in Cumbria and slowly his music returned. Two and a half years later Jordan is a regularly gigging musician with a wealth of original and cover material. His debut album ‘The Boy and the Mountain’ is due for release on 10.01.20

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