The first port of call for those in need of medical care is the First Aid & Medical Tent. Here you’ll find fully qualified paramedics, first aiders, medical herbalists and other health professionals. Our medics have a super speedy fully equipped cycle response service for emergencies, and a holistic approach.

The Welfare Tent, close to First Aid, is open 24 hours a day. Caring, experienced practictioners offer practical assistance (dry blankets etc), a listening ear and a safe space.

Our HEALING CIRCLE provides a tranquil space on the edge of the camping fields… if you’re lucky there’ll be harp, sitar or flute music wafting on the breeze as you enjoy glorious views across the valley.

The circle has a garden at its centre, flanked by yellow, blue, white and green domes and yurts where Yoga, Chi Gung and Healing Arts workshops take place. Situated around the circle are tents belonging to healers, masseurs and complementary therapists.

Most of the healers and therapists at The Green Gathering work for donations; this is a fantastic opportunity to experience a session with a gifted, qualified practitioner at a fraction of the usual cost. Suggested donations start at £10 for a half hour session, £20 for a full hour; but if you genuinely cannot afford this, just tell the Healer and negotiate.

The Healing Workshops are perfect if you prefer a collective, rather than one-to-one, therapeutic experience. All day, from around 8am, these workshops are free. There are programme boards outside each space, sessions last about an hour, and if you’re late it’s usually still ok to join in if you do so sensitively. 

Yoga classes are available throughout the day, in a wide variety of styles, and are often packed!

Tickets to The Green Gathering | 4 – 7 August 2022