Hands of the Heron

Lauren Bands

Hands of the Heron is a dreamfolk trio from Bristol, UK. Their instantly recognisable vocal harmonies are delivered by three frontwomen, each of whom brings a signature writing style to the band’s mercurial sound.

They move effortlessly between sparse choral folk and spellbinding chamber pop, richly layered with an assortment of strings, drones and reeds. Their long-awaited second album 13 Moons was released in February 2021 on their own DIY label Cuculi Records, and has been praised as “a wondrous collection of curious story-songs, choral singing and carefully layered instrumentation” (Joyzine) with “songwriting mastery that perfectly delivers reverberating folk-pop” (Tap The Feed). Fans of alternative folk will perhaps already have encountered Hands of the Heron by now.

For the past few years, they’ve honed their considerable musical skills and songwriting talents in a variety of live settings. From hidden corners of festival fields and intimate acoustic sessions to full sets in some of the country’s most prestigious venues, the range of their musical activity speaks to an admirable combination of drive and versatility.

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