GG 2021 is postponed

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Dear Green Gatherers,

Having tried so, so hard to create a brilliant and safe festival for us all this year, we now have to tell you, with huge sadness, that The Green Gathering will have to be postponed until 2022.

We believed a small festival, spread out across wide green meadows under open skies, like ours, could happen safely. Listening to our community, we know everyone wants to come together so much and we worked alongside the local council and covid consultants to plan a gorgeous, safe Gathering. 

With Covid-19 still a long way from being under control, and the increased rate of transmission of the new Delta variant, the Welsh Government has just issued guidance which means our festival would be operating under such tight restrictions it would be unrecognisable and, honestly, impossible.

We aim to return with a spectacular Green Gathering the first weekend in August next year, putting all the energy and planning that was going to infuse the 2021 festival – and some – into a coming-back-together in 2022. We can’t wait to share music and skills and fields with you again.

We feel the need for earth under our feet and woodsmoke in our nostrils, so we’re not going to attempt to replace our festival with a virtual Green Gathering on our festival weekend – but we will be posting content from our wonderful artists, co-ordinators and crew throughout the summer and into the future. Check our website and social media for playlists, permaculture tips and more (find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube).

Please login to your Ticketsellers customer account here: between Tuesday July 6th and Monday August 16th 2021 to discover how to roll your ticket over to 2022 (guaranteeing a ticket at 2021 prices); or donate your ticket to help us through these difficult times (that would be massively kind and supportive – even a postponed festival has costs, sadly); or claim a refund (which we understand some of you will need to do).

We hope you can all stay safe, keep faith and find space to dance outdoors even if it has to be in splendid isolation this summer. Never despair, we shall return.

We will see you next year,

Much Love, from GG HQ

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