Earth Energies

img_4780In the magical realm of Earth Energies you can walk a Labyrinth then chill and chat under the Wise Old Oak Tree; check out the times of ceremonies in the Stone Circle; explore the Faerie Glade by day and by night; find the Story Tipi; dip into workshops in the Stars and Stones tent; meditate by candlelight in the Peace Dome; or follow your ears to take part in sacred chants and to hear the singing bowls.

Meanwhile, in the Avalon Rising tent facing the Village Green, there’s a full programme of talks on earthy and esoteric subjects – from the magic and medicine of mushrooms to sacred geometry, dowsing, megalithic sites and crop circles – with speakers such as Fred Gillam, Tim ‘Mac’ McCartney, Shaun Kirwan and Serena Roney-Dougal.





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