Des Mannay

Lauren Bands

Des Mannay has won prizes/shortlisted in 7 competitions and published in 18 anthologies. Performed at ‘Unity’ Festival, ‘Maindee’ Festival, ‘Hub’ Festival, ‘Stoke Newington Literature Festival’, KAYA Festival, Merthyr Rising, Seed Festival, Walls:Muriau Mental Health Festival, Green Gathering, and Too Good to be True Festival. Has poems published in ‘I Am Not A Silent Poet’, ‘The Angry Manifesto’, ‘Proletarian Poetry’, ‘Yellow Chair Review’, ‘Indiana Voice Journal’, ‘Stand Up And Spit’, ‘Red Poets’, ‘The Scum Gentry’ ‘The Round Up’, ‘Poetry24’, ‘Winning Writers’, ‘International Times’ and erbacce journal. facebook – “The stuff wot I wrote’ Des Mannay – hooligan Poet” twitter – @hooliganpoet

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