Thursday & Friday use Lion Gate entrance & box office – Racecourse Route onto site.

Saturday & Sunday use Car Park entrance & box office – Racecourse Route onto site.


…whichever day you arrive, you’ll be able to jump on our free shuttle bus between the festival carpark and main box office and get dropped off near the camping fields, though there may be a wait for this.

If you choose to walk up our steep woodland track to the camping fields rather than take the shuttle bus, the most convenient route will be through Lion Gate (yes, a gate with stone lions). Be aware that vehicles also use this route. On Thursday and Friday there will be a box office for pedestrians at Lion Gate; if you arrive Saturday or Sunday you’ll need to use the box office in the carpark which is some distance from the Woodland Route.

(Please don’t try to go up the woodland track without having first visited the box office to exchange your ticket for a wristband; you’ll be stopped and turned around, and the walk will be much longer!)

Cyclists, please avoid the Woodland Route. It’s steep, lumpy, gravelly, narrow, and already accommodating vehicles and pedestrians. The Racecourse Route is waaaaayy less stressful and more suited to bikes. (Walk through the woods for fun later!)

Tickets to The Green Gathering | 4 – 7 August 2022