Coronavirus Update

Lauren News

We’re sending love and hope to everyone in these disorienting times.

We’re planning for The Green Gathering 2020 to go ahead.

We have our ears to the ground and are in contact with the Association of Independent Festivals, Monmouth council and other organisations and information sources and are reviewing the situation pretty much constantly.

No one can give definite answers. There’s a chance that by Green Gathering time restrictions will be relaxed and people will be released into the fields to chill, dance, learn and play. Humans need to come together and do those things for our mental and spiritual health, and it’d be wonderful if there was a window of opportunity around our dates.

Infections are passed less easily outdoors than indoors, and The Green Gathering has a particularly open, spread out site which will mean it’s less risky than a tight, crowded event.

So we are being optimistic and hope you are too.

We will of course be taking advice from the relevant bodies about additional public health and hygiene provision.

The majority of your ticket money stays safely with our ticket agent until a couple of weeks before the festival, so in the scenario of having to cancel the festival, ticket buyers would be able to receive a refund or a ticket swap for The Green Gathering 2021.

We feel it’s best to keep planning to do fun and fabulous things this summer, because if the virus is in abeyance by then and we’ve stopped doing everything, there’ll be nowhere to come together and celebrate and that would be a big shame.

Here’s our GG 2019 film from the fabulous E.N.D Productions, for a feelgood few minutes.

Big love, we hope you can all stay safe,
from (virtual) GG HQ.

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