Community and Care in Covid Times

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Talking about Covid. Yes, we have been doing that. Lots of that.
And we’ve made some decisions.

We want to create a festival that’s safe without being stilted, where risk mitigation is by consensus, where everyone respects each others’ different levels of vulnerability, a festival that’s inclusive and warm and fun.

There will likely be some changes.
We don’t expect enough of us to have received a vaccination to be able to drop all safety measures. We’re redesigning our plumbing system to enhance hygiene; shuttle bus riders might need to wear a mask; we aim to make safe spaces where people who’re especially vulnerable or cautious feel comfortable to join in the revels… 

We’re lucky.
We have a vast and beautiful site, we don’t pack you in like sardines, our biggest venue has no walls so ventilation will be fab. We are a community so we’ll look after each other. We might not be hugging our beloved elders but dancing together under open skies is going to happen!

Roll on 2021.
We can’t wait to share music, skills and fields with you again.

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