Co-Operators’ Camp

Here Radical Routes creates a temporary community and demonstrates that the co-operative movement is a positive force for change.

“Imagine housing without landlords, work without bosses, organising without hierarchy, financial control without banks…”

In the Camp you’ll find approachable, inspiring people involved with housing, energy, land, media and workers’ co-operatives… all happy to share their knowledge and experiences.

There’s workshops in how to set up a successful co-op; discussions about how to organise for radical social change; examples from the international co-op movement; exhibition and chill-out space; and networking events for co-operators (with free food!).

Co-ops supporting The Green Gathering festival and/or our Co-ops Camp have included:

Radical Routes; Suma; Sail Boat Project; Veggies Catering Campaign; Valley Organics; Envirolution; LEDfantastic; Weirdigans; Coffee Cranks; Unicorn Grocery; Cornerstone, Dryad, Out Of Town and Rose Howey houses; and probably more! How many can you find in 2018?!

Tickets to The Green Gathering | 4 – 7 August 2022

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