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gg-charity-logo-15-2The notion of a Green Gathering charity was first mooted back in 2006, when the Big Green Gathering was growing apace and those involved wanted to be sure that the event remained ethical, educational and ecologically sound.

In 2010, at a weekend camp for the Big Green Gathering community (bereft after the BGG was cancelled)  – we witnessed the rising of a phoenix. Not only did our community begin putting on renewably-powered showcase events again; we also started to dust off the charity idea with a view to providing a year-round ‘home’ for our community, thereby widening our reach and impact.

One of the key ideas behind the charity model was to support and promote the fantastic work that goes on all over the UK all year long. The Green Gathering is more than just an amazing annual event, it is all the people and projects, small and large, that work tirelessly throughout the year which feed back into the Gathering and make it so special.

The Green Gathering charity intends to take forward the spirit of the old Big Green Gathering, while providing a new model for working collaboratively to host educational, sustainable events and to address social and environmental issues which are demanding our attention with increasing urgency.

The charity commissions the annual Green Gathering festival which is delivered on behalf of the charity by its ‘trading arm’ – Optimistic Trout Productions, a Community Interest Company (CIC).

The charity uses any financial surplus generated by the event to further its wider educational and environmental objectives, for example by seeding other events and funding educational activities.

For the Articles of Association of the charity, download here. (Note, these were amended January 2018 so that one third of trustees no longer retire automatically annually; rather, there’s a minimum 3 year and maximum 9 year term for trustees.)

How can you help?

  • By becoming a charity community (formerly ‘associate’) member

The Board of Trustees of the Green Gathering charity is made up of volunteers committed to delivering on the charity’s objectives. The Trustees are the only formal members of the charity. They invite anyone who supports the charity’s objectives and ethos to become a charity ‘community member’. Although not eligible to vote in decision-making meetings, charity community members offer input and direction to the Trustees and their feedback is considered invaluable in steering the charity and its projects. Community members volunteer on charity projects, attend members’ meetings or camps and help to populate sub-committees that advise the Trustees on specific areas of work.

For more info email

  • By making a donation to the Green Gathering charity

Cheques made payable to The Green Gathering and posted to:

The Green Gathering charity, Pantymaen, Four Roads, Kidwelly SA17 4SF

BACS payments:

Sort Code: 08 92 99, Account Number: 65570766

Account Name: The Green Gathering

  • By attending the annual event – The Green Gathering festival

The Green Gathering is a well established and much loved event – affordable, friendly and fun. Civilised camping and lots to do and see – talks, activities, entertainment, cafes, markets and kids’ area. We hope to see you in the fields! Any profits made by the event are donated back to the charity to help it meet its objectives.

GG charity news

GG charity objectives

PHOTO CREDITS: Thanks to Stefan Handy, Keef Gibson, Ayesha Jones, Ben Cavanna, Brian Darcy, Zoltan, Johnny Solstice & Cathryn, Mike Urban, AimeeVPhotography, Garry Holden, Mark Pickthall, Greeny Lens, & all who've shared their pics.

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