Camplight Green Travel Offer – Here’s How To Do It

Step 1. If you intend to travel to The Green Gathering by bicycle, train or coach – go to the Camplight website and select the tent size you want from the Create Your Own Package section.

Step 2. In the notes section of the booking form, write “green traveller” and the total number of green travellers that will be staying in the tent you are booking. ANYONE IN YOUR PARTY WHO IS NOT TRAVELLING GREEN WILL HAVE TO BRING THEIR OWN SLEEPING MAT & CHAIR, OR DO WITHOUT, OR PAY FOR IT IN ADVANCE ON THE CAMPLIGHT WEBSITE.

Step 3. Travel to the festival in one of the green ways described above and keep your travel tickets.

Step 4. On arrival at The Green Gathering, head to Camplight and show them the evidence of your green travel (public transport tickets / bicycle / cycle paraphernalia). You’ll need evidence for EACH person taking advantage of this offer.

Step 5. The lovely Camplight people will furnish you with your free sleeping mat and chair to make your fest lovely and comfortable.

Step 6. Bask in the glory of knowing that you’ve helped us to reduce the carbon footprint of the festival, as well as your own.


What if my travel plans change? If you book as a green traveller but later change your plans and come by car, you will either have to bring your own sleep mat & chair, or pay the full price of the hire on arrival at the festival.

Tickets to The Green Gathering | 4 – 7 August 2022