Campaigns & Speakers’ Forum

campaigns-kidThe Campaigns Field is the centre of politics and protest at the Gathering – bringing together activists and academics, and raising awareness around diverse social and environmental justice issues.

The Speakers’ Forum & Radical Cinema occupy a corner of the field, opposite the GG Charity stall.

There’s a Workshop Tent, Women’s Tent and Queer Dome, Travellerspace, Resistance! Exhibition, Pedal Power demos, Cal’s Garden and South West Against Nuclear (SWAN). Tat 4 Tibet’s general store is here.

Every day is jam packed with discussions and workshops, with up to six sessions happening at once. The evenings are owned by the solar-powered Radical Wales DIY open mic stage: come along, have a go!



The Campaigns Field is also home to the Radical Routes Co-operators’ Camp

Imagine housing without landlords, work without bosses, organising without hierarchy and taking financial control away from the banks… Radical Routes demonstrates that the co-operative movement is a positive force for change.

In the Co-ops’ Camp you’ll find a friendly community of people involved with housing, energy, land, media and workers’ co-operatives. There’s workshops in how to set up a successful co-op; discussions about how to organise for radical social change; examples from the international co-op movement; exhibition and chill-out space; and networking events for co-operators (with free food!).


Topics covered in the Campaigns Field include:

Environment: climate change, fracking, GM

Civil liberties: undercover policing, big data, surveillance

International relations: Palestine, the war on terror and the refugee crisis

Animal rights: hunting, badger culls, vivisection, veganism

Infrastructure: nuclear power, renewable energy, sustainable development

… and a whole heap more besides.


Co-ops supporting The Green Gathering festival and/or our Co-ops Camp in 2016 included:

Radical Routes; Sail Boat Project; Veggies Catering Campaign; Valley Organics; Cornerstone, Dryad, Out Of Town and Rose Howey houses; Envirolution; LEDfantastic; Weirdigans; Coffee Cranks and probably more! How many can you find in 2017?!

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