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Green Gathering charity trustee Buffy Buroughs is a #OneStepGreener Ambassador in the run-up to COP26 – in other words, an extraordinary ordinary person recognised for her efforts to combat climate change.

Buffy grew up in the Green Fields of Glastonbury Festival and at Big Green Gatherings, re-connecting with the green festival scene in her later teenage years at The Green Gathering in Chepstow.

As someone who deeply cares about our environment, being invited to become a One Step Greener Ambassador in the lead up to COP26 was an opportunity Buffy felt she couldn’t turn down. She was picked for the role because of her work with the Clean Stream Resource Centre at the GG festival as well as her position as youth trustee for the GG charity.

At the Clean Stream Resource Centre Buffy encourages festival-goers to sort their waste into 20 different categories, demonstrating how complex ‘waste’ really is, not least the seven types of plastic, only some of which can be recycled. In the absence of festivals during recent lockdowns, Buffy has been setting up social media platforms for the GG charity.

As a One Step Greener ambassador, Buffy hopes to take the GG charity’s mission of providing “education for sustainability” to a wider audience while inspiring people to make some of the changes necessary to reduce our negative impact on the planet, believing that even relatively small personal actions such as reducing and responsibly managing our waste, can make a difference.

In Buffy’s own words:

“I am by no means ‘perfect’ and I don’t pretend to be but I know I can make a difference. Reducing food waste is one of my biggest passions, it shocks and angers me how much food is wasted and the negative impact this is having on our national and global food security. I encourage friends and family to reduce the amount they throw away but food waste is not just the packaged food thrown away in supermarkets and households, it is also farmers being forced to throw away tonnes of ‘imperfect’ crops.”

“I am studying natural sciences and hope to have a career in sustainable agriculture, developing scientific solutions to reduce the impact of farming on the environment. Through such science we can bring policy change and environmental change to better our soils and increase crop yields while reducing use of pesticides, fertilisers, and herbicides.”

“‘Change is possible, but it is not inevitable, and it has to be fought for.’ Each of the #onestepgreener ambassadors and thousands of people around the globe are bringing about change in their own communities and in their own ways, something which I feel blessed to be part of and I hope will bring a greener future for us all.”

Buffy Buroughs, October 2021

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