Boom Boom Racoon

Lauren Bands

Self-described as 80% politics, 30% nonsense, and enjoy singing about everything from biscuit heists to anti-fascism.

Boom Boom Racoon are an acoustic, DIY ska punk band from Bristol made up of acoustic bass, acoustic guitar and trumpet — all three musicians double as energetic vocalists. They love singing about everything from biscuit factory heists to social justice rants and have an infectious upbeat stage presence that gets audiences laughing, dancing and pondering all at once. Having started life gigging at anti-fracking sites, info nights and fundraisers – Boom Boom Racoon are 80% politics and 30% nonsense.

As the lyrics to their self-titled track “Boom Boom Racoon” says…. “It doesn’t matter how long you’ve played for, grab an instrument and have a jam, we wanna play songs with you”.

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