Anne-Marie Allen

Kat Bands

BBC Introducing singer-songwriter with a distinct soulful tone and audience connection rarely seen in emerging artists.

Anne-Marie’s songs tell stories of freedom, capitalism, and human connection, presenting a lucid lyrical landscape with percussive guitar rhythms.

Following the release of her debut EP, Anne-Marie has received attention from Songwall, Raw Sound TV, WePlugGoodMusic and the BBC. Anne-Marie’s third BBC radio play was described by the BBC as: “Stunning and confident, taking you to another place!”

Anne-Marie has continued to make her mark on the European live music scene touring the UK, Perth and Berlin. Anne-Marie’s recent song release was a collaboration backed by Songwall in response to COVID19. Songwall supported Anne-Marie to co-write and release her first international song ‘Light-Up. The song contains the meaning “Recovering the direction of life and self and overcoming them together in days when many things are being lost due to the sudden spread of Corona 19.”

Anne-Marie experiments with the following genres: Blues, Soul, Folk, Punk and her latest track “Rest your mind” takes on a tribal psychedelic energy!

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